'Life is good': Graduate is on his way with new skills

Sept. 10, 2008

John Mapp graduated with Class 29 in 2007 and took a job at the Olive Garden restaurant in Charlotte. Now he's transferred with the company to another restaurant in the chain, in Texas. Here's his letter, received recently from Allen, Texas:

"Life is good. Thanks to the Community Culinary School of Charlotte, I can provide for my family, in a field that I love.

"My vision of the future is so clear now after I not only completed the School, but also actually worked hands-on as an employee in the culinary industry.

"I was given some things from all of you that will last me the rest of my life – a career, and self-confidence.

"Thank you. I am forever grateful, and my family will now reap the rewards of the fruit...."

John Corey Mapp

Ron Ahlert, the school's executive director, says Mapp's success should encourage new students about the value of what they are beginning. And Mapp's letter should give supporters of the Community School of Charlotte a good feeling about the work being accomplished.

"All of your time, talent and treasure affect the legacy and hope of CCSC students and alumni. A hearty Thanks to you all."



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